​​​Jennifer Lieberman  

Do you have a script you've been sitting on?

Tired of waiting for that breakout role?

Learn how to DEVELOP & PRODUCE your own work with little to no resource.

Learn the skills to take control of your creative career. 

Make Your Own Break provides Producing & Production Consulting services

for Film, Theatre & New Media:

•    Production Budgets
•    Production Business Strategy
•    Production Timeline & Schedules
•    Sponsorship & Fundraising Packages
•    Marketing & Publicity
•    Publicity & Press Packages
•    Script Development
•    Theatre Development Workshops
•    Film & Theatre Festival Strategy
•    Audition Coaching

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"Jen Lieberman has been instrumental in helping me distill my goals into manageable parts and has raised important questions for me to consider as I move forward in the process of building my play's audience and financing. Jen has a real eye for good work, and has been both extremely generous and shrewdly forthright in her approach. Not only does she have enormous passion and experience in what she does, what I have found to be the most surprising, has been her capacity to generate creative ideas in the development process. Ideas that have tested my own creative, professional, and personal resolve."  
 -Paul Moore, Playwright "Egomaniac" Nominated for "Best New Playwright", Hollywood Fringe Festival