PRODUCING 101 - The Seven Steps

Do you have a script you need to bring to life?  Do you want more control of your creative career? 

Learn how to produce your own work with little to no resources. We offer separate specialized workshops for FILM, THEATRE & NEW MEDIA.

In this 8 hour intensive we will cover:

•    Script Development
•    Budgets & Fundraising

•    Scheduling A Production From Script Through Post (or Performance)
•    Finding Your Team
•    Casting
•    The Technical Details
•    Target Audience/Marketing/Publicity


Do you have a story you need to tell?  Are you ready to take action and write yourself a breakout role?

Write yourself the role of a lifetime tailored to showcase what you do best!

In this 1-Day, 8 Hour Intensive we will cover:

•    Finding Your Story
•    Script Development & Title
•    The "I" In Team
•    Production Budget & Timeline
•    Workshop It - Magic In The Living Room!
•    The Technical Reality
•    Target Audience/Marketing/Publicity


For more information about upcoming workshops in person and online please email us at

"Not only is Jen a naturally gifted performer, she has worked hard to understand the business end of production and how it relates to both the bottom line production budget, and what appears on the screen or stage.  Jen knows that creativity has certain requirements to work at it's best, and she will make sure that you are not missing any chance at creating your best art if you are fortunate enough to have her help."
 -John Lordan, Writer/Director LordanARTS Productions

​​​Jennifer Lieberman