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Short Film

Short Film

LONGING, Dramatic Feature Film

Longing is a dramatic romance based in New York City that chronicles the lives of Carlos, Stacy, Alex and Doug, who are all trapped in complicated, unsatisfying and even dangerous relationships. A chance meeting with a past love spins each of their worlds upside-down as they are all tempted to make difficult choices; to stay unsatisfied in their current relationship? or to take a lust driven leap of faith and perhaps find happiness?

SHIKSA WIVES, Comedic Stage Play

SHIKSA WIVES, Created by Jennifer Lieberman, Co-Written by Sandi Gardiner

Sara Steinberg and Christy Gold are raising their children together in Calabasas, CA, and lean on each other for support, advice and play-dates.  Sara is beamer rich, yet, Christy is private jet rich.  These women are both planning Bar Mitzvahs for their sons while dealing with their own personal crises in a community where neither of them are accepted. Sara is going through a painful divorce and is struggling to keep it together.  The outlandish Bar Mitzvah parties all the 'shiksa wives' in the community are throwing, including Christy, are void of anything spiritual. When Christy reveals she's switched her ceremony to the same day as Sarah's, Sarah is pushing her to a breaking point.  

We finally learn Christy is battling stage 2 breast cancer and is not sure if she will make it. Sara ultimately realizes that everyone is fighting their own secret battles and her judgment and resentment are futile.  Shiksa or not, Sara and Christy are both women, mothers and fighters. They need each other no matter what things might look like from the outside, because inside we are all the same. 

UBERDATING, Comedic Web-Series

LINDSAY, spunky and eclectic elementary school teacher, is a single woman in her 30’s.  She’s fed up with the virtual dating world and guys constantly flaking on her. Desperate to find a partner and settle down with the rest of her friends in suburbia, she decides to ditch the cyber search and make it up close and personal…cozied up in car at her new side gig/dating service...driving for UBER.

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