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​​​Jennifer Lieberman  

Short Film

Short Film

Original Work Written & Produced by Jennifer

Short Film


LONGING, Racy Dramatic Feature Film 

When four New Yorkers who are trapped in complicated and dangerous relationships run into their past love, each of their worlds spin upside-down as they are all tempted to take a lust driven leap of faith and perhaps find happiness.

EGGS ON ICE, Dramedy Pilot Script Co-Written With Stacy Dymalski, WGA

​Eggs on Ice is a half-hour dramedy series for streaming that touches on modern-day issues surrounding infertility, women’s health, nontraditional families, and reproductive rights. At the center of the series is the fictional fertility clinic, Patel Family Practice. Each season follows the comical, yet poignant, stories of a new crop of patients that comes through the clinic, illustrating the varied challenges of starting a family through unconventional means. The series touches on topics that range from same-sex parents to surrogacy to ownership of embryos. Family archetypes are no longer “one size fits all.” (And maybe they never were.) But with a diverse ensemble cast, Eggs on Ice addresses the evolution of the family concept, and gives us a peek at how contemporary, twenty-first century families function today.